university of calcutta


The electron microscope facilities of the CRNN consists of a 200 KV Transmission Electron Microscope system, a Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscope and a Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope for investigation of biological materials.



The MPMS SQUID VSM dc Magnetometer has been installed recently in CRNN, University of Calcutta. It offers ≤ 10-8 emu sensitivity with only 4 second data averaging. By combining the speed of a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer with the sensitivity of a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer, this system is providing new levels of performance in magnetic research. In addition, the MPMS SQUID VSM incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic field control. This SQUID VSM is working with a 4He-based Pulse Tube cooler which eliminates the need for liquid cryogens.

Data Acquisition – New FastLab™ data acquisition combines Quantum Design's dc SQUID sensor and time-saving Vibrating Sample Magnetometer technology.

Temperature Control – RapidTemp™ is an innovative temperature control design that allows you to cool samples from room temperature to a stable 2 K in less than 30 minutes.

Magnet Control – QuickSwitch™ offers you the ability to quickly and continuously ramp field, stabilize, and acquire data.