university of calcutta



Equipment Description Make
He-Cd Laser 325nm, 20mW CW Melles Griot
He-Ag Laser 224nm, Quasi CW Photon Systems Inc
Cryostat 10K, Close Cycle Cryo Industries
Cryostat 4K, Close Cycle Cryo Industries
Vacuum Pumping System Turbo Pump based Pfeiffer Vacuum
Monochromator Triple Grating, 0.5 m Dongwoo Optron
Light source QTH/De Dual lamp Princeton Scientific
Lock in Amplifier Dual Channel Stanford Research
Current Source Programmable, 1nA to 100 mA Keithley
Nanovoltmeter   Keithley
Electrometer   Keithley


The aim was to create a platform with to tools to carry out user configurable experiements to investage optical and optoelectronic properties of materials and devices.

The platform at the moment concentrates on CW measurements of Photoluminescence of materials at room and low temperature. In addition, photocurrent measurements can be carried out as a function of excitation wavelengths at room and cryogenic temperatures.The platform is easily upgradable to incorporate time dependent optical measurements in the future.